Founding date
  • February 2015
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Tantra Rumble is a F2P multiplayer game. A mash up of various genres like:

  • MOBA (our base gameplay)
  • RPG (customizing character build/stats)
  • CCG (skill tree/combo system and every other item is in the form of cards, the in game auction house supports the system of CCG)
  • Action (control of the in game character, flow of a match and the camera setting)
  • Strategy (team based battles with meta strategies depending on play styles, skill trees and character builds)

This deliberately infused collaborative systems offer the player full control of 8 characters within battlefields specially designed for strategic team battles. The game is under development for PC with future considerations for the PS4 and the Xbox One along with a companion app across the mobile devices.

Key Features

Skill tree system

Before a match players will be able to set base skills. For which they can select chain skills once they level up in a match. These skills can be upgraded through fusing or runes.

Flexible character builds

Persistent player profile is used for matchmaking. Player ranks are used to set level caps. The match starts with 5 chakra points for each guardian. Each time a guardian levels up he gets a chakra point to distribute. These can be assigned any time in a match by the players, this gives immense power and customizability which brings constant flux to the game.

Auction house [Future Content]

Everything that a player buys, wins or gets as a gift can be auctioned off. There is an algorithm with which we determine a min-max value according to the current items in the store.

Mobile Application [Future Content]

We will let players edit their character build and auction house transactions. They will be able to advise fellow friends and strangers alike and there will be a different mode dedicated to the mobiles, a card duel version for Tantra Rumble.

Game Features

  • Choose from 8 classes
  • 3 Game modes on release (more in future updates)
  • 150 skill cards on release (more in future updates)
  • Fully immerse yourself in fast paced action MOBA gameplay
  • Persistent player profile
  • Team leveling in-game
  • Unlock, upgrade, fuse and trade cards to gain advanced skills and equipment


Tantra Rumble started as a Unity project two years ago with a team of 10 people. We scraped nearly 90% of the content and started from scratch on Unreal Engine 4 one year ago. Since then the team has expanded to over 20 people from all around the World to complete the unique vision for the game. A lot has changed over time, the design and the overall feel of the game. We are moving towards a more fun and accessible game.

The company behind the project

GameOlic is primarily a game development studio while it also covers app development and multimedia projects as a management company.

GameOlic's methodology dictates a positive and productive work environment with the help of an ever-growing team currently of over 20 professionals passionate about video games from all around the World. This methodology strives by taking advantage of the talents and culture of each individual and ensuring optimum performance.